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treating sunburn at work

Treating Sunburn on the Job Site

Sunburn is a common illness, particularly during the summer, and it can have severe repercussions on both your health and productivity.  Unfortunately, there’s no quick, simple way of curing sunburn once it has occurred – sunburns are physical injuries, after all. However, there are some quick treatments that you can do that will alleviate the …

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abrasive wheels

Everything You Need To Know About Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive wheels are an important and useful tool in the construction industry. However, they are also an incredibly dangerous piece of equipment, one which carries the risk of injury and even death if used by a person who has not been properly.  To minimise this risk, APT offers a range of courses designed to keep …

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Treating Heat Frustration

Treating Heat Frustration

Heat frustration is one of a range of heat-related syndromes. Specifically, heat frustration is when a person’s body loses too much water or salt through sweat. As a result, dehydration sets in. The symptoms associated with heat frustration can be very dangerous – particularly if left untreated. In this article from APT, we’ll be going …

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