Whether you have all your policies and procedures in place or you are just starting out and need a helping hand – We can offer you a full and comprehensive package that will help to cover your business legally and start you on the way to a good health and safety culture. From the basics of a standard H&S Policy to a full system that will pass any ISO45001 audit we can give you all the documents you need to be fully compliant across the board.


Risk Assessments and Method Statements can be a daunting thing especially if you are not used to writing them. Either writing for your staff members or supplying to a large contractor, it can be difficult to know where to start and what to cover. As an employer we all need to cover the risks associated to our employees, missing something can be very costly to a business if an accident occurs. Most people think a Risk Assessment is a box ticking exercise but when we miss something and our employee get’s injured it becomes more than just ticking a box. Let’s protect our employees and get all the risks covered.

Full and Comprehensive Risk Assessment Packs and Method Statement’s designed specially to your business is our speciality. Don’t run the risk of not covering your business.

Occupational Health and Safety

Should it be working at a computer 9-5 or using heavy machinery on site – Occupational Health cannot be overlooked. No matter what your business scope; We will go to each of your employee’s and sit with them one to one to carry out a full occupational health check. We will then relay this information to you so you can see what, if any, extra comfort is needed or if your one of the many businesses that take Occupational Health very seriously.

H&S Law

Yes, it’s scary when we see the word LAW!!!!!! But we need to address it, we have a legal responsibility to keep our employees safe. The Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced in 1974 and is still applicable today – Have you done EVERYTHING in your power to prevent a life changing accident or death to an employee? Have you considered the effects that a Corporate Manslaughter case could have on you and your business? Not forgetting the emotional factors of a bad accident in the workplace. Let us give you the advice you need to ensure that you are covered.


When we think of auditing it can be something that we want to put off for more important things; however, a good and thorough audit can tell you what your business is either missing or doing really well in. But it can be time consuming for you to do yourself, so why not let us do it for you? We can come in at time to suit you and carry out a full site audit whilst you carry on with your day to day running of the business.


No-one wants to have an accident at work, but the reality is that one day we might have to face the issue of one of our employees being severely injured at work. We are on hand 24/7 for our clients should you need competent advice on what to do and how to complete a RIDDOR investigation and report. We will also come in and assist any HSE investigation on your company’s behalf to ensure that all items are addressed to prevent further occurrence and get your business back on track. Your Employee Safety is our priority.