HSA training, the first step in getting your CSCS Green Card


What is a CSCS Green Card?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) issued the Green CSCS card to ensure that employees working on construction sites have the necessary health and safety knowledge and to improve the overall safety and quality of construction sites.

With a Green CSCS Card, the card holder is shown to possess the basic understanding of health & safety, the understanding of his duties and responsibilities, and the knowledge of the hazards and risks on a construction site.

The CSCS Card is not a legal requirement on all construction sites but is highly recommended as most of employers do require them to allow workers on site.

Who needs a CSCS Green Card?

CSCS Labourer Cards may be required for construction labourers who carry out various manual labour tasks on construction sites.

A Green CSCS card is for workers who are entering the construction industry for entry-level roles, or for workers who already have a Green CSCS card that must be renewed every five years.

If you are working in any type of labouring environment, employed in the physical construction and/or destruction of a building setting and infrastructure, you can apply for the green CSCS Card.

What are the benefits of having a CSCS Green Card?

Our CITB Health & Safety Awareness Training (HSA) course is the first step in getting your CSCS Green Card. Workers will learn about different outcomes to help them understand the potential hazards they may face at work on site:

  • Understand the need to prevent accidents
  • Understand health & safety legislation
  • Identify how their role fits into the control and management of the site
  • Understand the need for risk assessments and method statements

The course is run over 1-day and is assessed by a multiple-choice exam at the end, as well as the overall class participation.

You will need your certificate as part of your application for your CSCS Green Card.

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Kelly Raboutot

Kelly Raboutot