Is the NEBOSH General Certificate worth it?


In this article, we will define what NEBOSH is, what are the benefits to you, and finally determine if it’s worth the time, effort, and money investment.

The History of NEBOSH

Founded in 1979, NEBOSH has been a major contributor in the improvement of Health and Safety. For over 40 years as a leader in health, safety, and environmental qualifications. NEBOSH has contributed to considerable changes for employers, learners, partners, governments, colleagues, etc.

Over the years, they have developed 33 qualifications, organised exams in more than 130 countries, and had over 400,000 successful learners, also regularly working with over 600 learning partners.

In July 2020, NEBOSH has also achieved ISO 45001 certification, the international health and safety management standard.

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH stands for National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, offering globally recognised qualifications, covering health and safety and risk management. Demonstrating the high standard of NEBOSH courses and training is specified in many health and safety job adverts.

The qualification is accredited at Level 3 within the National Qualification Framework. Moreover, it meets the academic requirements of the qualification and is accredited at Level 3 within the National Qualification Framework. Moreover, it meets the academic requirements of IOSH for Technician membership (TechIOSH) and is accepted by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) for associate membership.

Who should attend this course?

Are you thinking about making your career health and safety? NEBOSH is the perfect choice! The qualification is designed for anyone (managers, supervisors, and workers) in any type of organisation.

It’s ideal for anyone who needs a broad understanding of health and safety issues to be able to manage day-to-day risks effectively. With no previous prerequisites necessary, this qualification gives you a valuable overview and a sound basis for further professional study as a first step in a career in health and safety.

What are the benefits?

➡️ High-standard & relevant

Courses are delivered by Health and Safety experts to provide you the best of knowledge and skills. That is why, the General Certificate, you will receive at the end, strictly respects the highest and widest standards of the Health and Safety industry.

Moreover, the course syllabus is made according to the employers needs to ensure that it will fit their specific requirements. Developed by experts for experts! It means, the knowledge and skills you will develop are relevant to the industry you work in, the course delivered is adaptable to every sector.

➡️ Helpful & compliant

The NEBOSH course will help you to face challenges imposed by your position in your company. Indeed, if you are responsible for health and safety as a member of staff, supervisor, or manager, NEBOSH National General Certificate will give you confidence and the authority to manage typical health and safety scenarios daily.

In your organisation and in any sector, you will have the tools to make your workplace safer, to understand the principles of risk management, to lead knowledgeable actions that are Health and Safety compliant and to demonstrate health and safety management techniques at every level.

➡️ Positive & safe

After the training, you will be motivated to develop a safer and a positive working environment to protect staff and visitors. NEBOSH gives you a safer perspective of your company at every level to make changes for the better including both efficiency and productivity.

Within the first year, you could considerably impact your working environment by reviewing your organisation’s policies and procedure and advising how they could be improved. As well, you will be able to highlight the previous accident data and make small changes to reduce injuries. Looking at the business from a bigger picture and different perspective will help the organisation to save money.

➡️ What are the costs?

£1,177.00 + VAT – At APT Health and Safety Training Solutions Ltd. The course is 2 weeks in length, with a 1-week gap in between, with an Exam and Risk Assessment to be completed at the end.

We currently run 2 NEBOSH Training Sessions per year, on 14th March 2022 and the 14th November 2022.

Call us on 01782 213 428 or send us an email at

What outcomes would you get from NEBOSH Training? 

For someone who is serious about a career in a health and safety role, NEBOSH is well worth the effort, time, and money. Gaining a NEBOSH Certificate makes you a qualified safety professional and this qualification is globally recognised and highly rated.

As a result, you become a valuable member within your organisation and contribute to improve your company’s reputation. It is a sound way to strengthen your own position within a company and impact your career progression.

What would you be able to do:

  • Justify health and safety improvements using moral, financial, and legal arguments
  • Advise on the main duties for health and safety in the workplace
  • Help their organisation manage contractors
  • Work within a health and safety management system, recognising what effective general policy, organisation and arrangements should look like
  • Positively influence health and safety culture and behaviour to improve performance in their organisation
  • Do a general risk assessment in their own workplace – profiling and prioritising risks, inspecting the workplace, recognising a range of common hazards, evaluating risks (taking account of current controls), recommending further control measures, planning actions
  • Recognise workplace changes that have significant health and safety impacts and effective ways to minimise those impacts
  • Develop basic safe systems of work (including taking account of typical emergencies) and knowing when to use permit-to-work systems for special risks
  • Take part in incident investigations
  • Help their employer to check their management system effectiveness – through monitoring, audits, and reviews

As an integral part of our everyday working lives, Health and Safety can still make a massive difference and improve our daily life. It is being taken more and more seriously these last few years but is still something not negligible to your business and career success.

NEBOSH does not only help you to improve your Health and Safety knowledge and skills, but also contribute to raise the overall performance of your organisation!

Thank you, I just wanted to say what an excellent course it was. I will definitely be recommending it to the person in charge of arranging out of service training. As I had some mixed reviews from colleagues that had gone through the course with other providers.

Jon, who attended our NEBOSH Course in February 2022

➡️ Find our more about our NEBOSH courses here

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  1. I have just completed my NEBOSH with APT, Shaun Blakemore – The Trainer was very informative, took time to explain each area, and any questions I had. He really brought the Course to life, and this helped me massively when it came to the exam. Highly recommend the NEBOSH to anyone that’s thinking about doing it…

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Kelly Raboutot