Our Values

Working together to achieve more

Our staff know what part they play to be successful, adopting a supportive culture across all departments to get it right for everyone first time. Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do is one of the main reasons for our success, we always combine all our strengths to deliver you the best possible experience. Finding the best solutions and outcomes when you need us the most.

Customer focused
Always delivering an outstanding experience

Hearing our customers have that ‘wow’ moment is what we strive to do every time we interact. Having a plethora of course dates available every month for you to choose from, going the extra mile to please and accommodate where we can, as well as always pushing ourselves to obtain new accreditations each year to be able to meet every need you may have.
The importance we place on quality cannot be understated; we are regularly audited by both internal and external auditors to give you peace of mind when booking with us.

Showing passion & determination on our journey

We pride ourselves on being devoted to our loyal customers, helping them when they need us the most. We understand at times that urgent bookings are required and will always strive to meet expectations for a happy outcome for all involved. Flexibility is a major factor of what we do and know this is important to our customers, we have over 40 Trainers ready and waiting to support you whenever you need.
Whether you need a large training project delivering over several months, or a simple booking for one person, we are here for you when you need us and will ensure the experience is the same regardless.

For the future, not just for now

Environmental sustainability is tremendously important to us, we have several ongoing projects to help us achieve our goals. Some of the steps we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint as a business are as follows:
⦁ Online Webinar options for 95% of the courses we offer, reducing fuel/transport usage by a considerable amount each year.
⦁ Only ordering supplies when we need them and in bulk rather than small and often, helping to reduce the footprints further.
⦁ Reduction of business waste, recycling, and compacting waste. Reducing our waste collections from once a week to twice a month.
With more ideas in the pipeline to further help the environment.

Think different, think big

We are committed to the future of the business and our customers, so have invested in recent years in research and development mainly around course innovation which will set us apart as a company giving delegates new tools to help them learn faster and in more depth. 

Customer relationships have been thought about and how we can be easier to work. New systems and processes have been put in place to help reduce customer involvement, as well as reducing the need to call now we have better systems and website functionality.

Our Service Centre is going through a stage of modernisation over the next few years to make delegate experience when they visit us different to anything they have experienced before when attending training courses, such as:
⦁ State of the art communal areas with the latest vending technologies.
⦁ Free Delegate Wi-Fi and work areas as we understand work doesn’t stop when people are training.
⦁ Games areas and seating to be able to relax and unwind whilst learning